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Monday, July 7, 2008

Healthcare, or No Care At All?

Okay, there probably isn't anything more that I could say that anyone else hasn't said already about the Esmine Green case, the woman who died in Brooklyn's, King's County Hospital probably due to neglect. So I won't. I will just list these videos that I found, out of many, on Youtube and let the commentator of one of them say pretty much what I feel about the whole thing. Just another example of how we allow the weakest amongst us to be treated.


  1. You know, I heard about this - and boy is this sad. This really is.

  2. Darius - Yep, for someone to go and seek help from people who are supposed to care and then just be ignored by these same people who aren't even bothered is really sad and in this case really tragic.

  3. To me this is more than sad it's scarey. This could happen to anyone.

  4. This is always difficult to watch. i had seen the first video before, but not the second. The security guard standing and watching as the woman laying on the floor, makes me sick. How can you be so indifferent? Seriously, i don't understand at all. They all needed to be fired and the the hospital needs to take a better look at their hiring practices....Seriously.

  5. D - Yes this is scarey. But I'm not sure that it could happen to anyone. I know where Kings County Hospital is, down Dekalb Ave a few blocks from the area Spike Lee used to live but close to Flatbush near where if people are working it's not going to be for much over minimum wage. I would bet that most of the patients at that hospital would have been the poor and people without insurance. People that others try to turn their backs on.

    One Man - Sure, there are people out there that will be indifferent to anything as long as they or theirs are not concerned. But you are right, those people should not be working in public service. I would go one step further and say that they did was criminally negligent and charges should be placed.

  6. T - Yes like the man said, here is someone who knew she had a problem and turned to the people that stated that they could help her and this was the way they treated her, it is very sad.


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