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Friday, May 9, 2008

It's Time

“Opinions are like ass holes, everyone has one.” That’s what my ex used to say whenever he would want to shut me up. I realized later on when I saw the movie about Larry Flynt that he had stolen the line from the porn magazine king and I didn’t feel so bad. So let me show you my ass hole while it’s still relevant.

Several months ago when the race for the democratic nomination for the president started, Senator Clinton was all but guaranteed the position would be hers when she stepped up onto the podium in Denver in August. Her campaign was large and extensive, well financed and popular. It was like a large luxury liner, a ship of state, impressive, smooth and elegant. She was the heir apparent to a legacy that went back as far as Truman and Roosevelt. She was said to have been even more intelligent than her husband Bill and just as feisty. She had a few bags to carry, but don’t we all. I was never sure of her sincerity, but I respected her stated beliefs and found that I liked her platforms a little more than the platforms of her opponents.

But the numbers never materialized for that to happen. The popular vote was never there and the super delegates never came around to bolster it forward. Now, after reading an editorial by the Chicago Tribune this week comparing her efforts to Eight Belles, the horse that came in 2nd at the Kentucky Derby and had to be put down, maybe it’s time to admit to herself like Captain Smith on the Titanic, that this is more than just a rough patch she’s going through and give the order to abandon ship. The scraps that she can pick up in Puerto Rico or West Virginia or anywhere will not keep her ship afloat,

Looking back at old footage from Mrs. Clintons White House days, I would think it would be fair to say that she has put on a little weight, have you seen her that blue pant suit? And like all great operas there is a time for them to end. So I'd like to tell her, just save your money like I do and sing baby, no shame in what you tried to do and in what you have accomplished. Just sing. It’s time.


  1. You know of course D that this could have been over weeks ago if all those chicken shit super-delegates of the Democratic Party had made their choices known earlier, which some of them still haven't.

    Everyone is quick to tell the other person to fall on their sword, but somehow they are unable to grow a pair balls for themselves. Unfortunately, these will be the same people who will fail to write new laws, correct old complaints or protect the weakest among us. Business as usual.

  2. This is becoming sort of embarassing for the democratic party! Why won't Hilary just drop out?

    Let Obama have it! lol

  3. Fuzzy - Hillary won't quit because the Democratic Party is fucked up. If Howard Dean and others had taken charge right from he start, resolved issues like Florida and Michigan before they began, made the super delegates make their determination known at the beginning, this would have been over months ago. Yes, I blame them not her for allowing her to keep going when they know they won't support her. I blame her for not seeing the writing on the wall. But I also applaud her, like I applaud Nader or the people in the Green Party or anyone else who is willing to step up and say this is what I believe.

    Darius - Et tu?

  4. First of all, don't be offering up your asshole for viewing. That ain't right. LOL. Second, even though I too think she should give up the ghost, I don't blame her for staying out the ride. You got to respect that.

  5. One Man - I don't know, if economy keeps going the way that it is, showing my asshole may not be a bad idea. They say the porn industry is the biggest money maker on the net and I may need a few pennies. And yes, whether you like Clinton or not, you have to give up some respect for going further than most men have ever done.

  6. Speaking of a piece of ass (not yours)...I may have to offer mine up for the prices my dear ex-govenor was paying. It's old ass but shoooot, someone might like old ass.

    On to other ass...Hil...c'mon man....I mean lady...it's ok to step a way. Really...one step at a time baby. You can do it I know you can.

  7. Blah Blah Blah - Spitzer. It took me a while to figure you were talking about Spitzer. Hell for the money he was paying I'd be offering my ass up right behind yours.

    As for Hillary, like she said earlier no matter how this ends, she's going to come out alright. Now maybe she's looking for someone to pay off her campaign debts or maybe even looking for a Supreme Court position for her husband, but never under estimate what she does. She is a clever woman.


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