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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Taxes and the Procrastinator

I have been back in Jersey since Friday and I just can't seem to get my ass up and motivated about anything. I promised myself that I would do my taxes as soon as I got back.

It doesn't ever take long, maybe an hour an hour and a half at the most. Nowadays I use TurboTax or some other website (I'm loyal to no one when it comes to taking my money) so I don't even have to think. But it's the 13th and still I haven't got around to it.

I'm not going to to say that when you look up the word procrastinator, my picture would be listed, it's not. But I should write a thesis about it. I have developed what some may call a disadvantage or con, into an art.

There is no feeling like running through an airport, bags in your hands with that crazed look hoping you wont receive a bullet to the left temple and having them slam that airplane door just as you board because you thought you had more time at the beach, bar or bed you just came from. Nothing tells you more that God is in his heaven than when you juggle so much in your life that you sometimes forget the things that are important, and then just when you are about to drop everything you do that spin on your heels, pull something up from where you don't know, and everything turns out well. Men breathe easier, old women stop clutching their pearls because you've come out on top once again.

Well as soon as I finish writing this, by the way I'm supposed to be writing at least 2 posts a week, 3 to make myself feel good, I will get online and start my 1040 forms. Although I may just go to the supermarket before then because there's nothing here that I want to eat and I didn't go yesterday because I was out with friends. Of course by the time that I get back and cook, John Adams on HBO will be on, I like those type of shows, so maybe I'll watch that and then do the taxes. Oh, I might finish the laundry that I started earlier today. There is nothing worse than going through the laundry basket looking for something to wear that no one will notice is dirty. That is, so I've heard, I've never done it myself of course (cough).


  1. lol, man, me either, im calling my accontant to day to file for an extension

  2. T - You male me feel good. I thought for a momemt I was the only person out there in my situation. All I can say is welcome to the club. Glad to have you on board.

  3. With the exception of taxes, (I'm one of the lucky people who get a nice chunk of change back. Thank God for kids)I procrastinate about pretty much everything. You have made me see the light and I will try to do better. After all your poster is 100% accurate. It seems like a great idea at the time, but I am usually screwed in the end and its my own fault. *SIGH*

  4. Ingrid - It seems procastination is as human as eating and breathing. We all do it, or at least most of us in some form or fashion. I wonder how something so potentially self-destructive can seem to be so natural.

  5. Of course I would be the one to first comment on the pic...you or not...that is niiiice!

    Well I did my taxes for the first timeby myself and online... That was about 2 months ago...NY state still hasn't sent me my measly $25 lol
    ...about that laundry thing...just sayin'...lol

  6. BBB - That's what I mean. Why rush for just a litle bit of money. But congrats on filling out your own taxes. There is nothing that makes you feel like an adult than taking responsibility for your own finances. ...Well, there's other things but that's a different subject.


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