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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

And the Beat Goes on

I don't believe that Philadelphia has had this much media coverage since the Republican National Committee Convention in 2000. That was where I saw Sen. Al D'Amato from NY just before he lost his seat to Hillary and I was surprised at how tall he is. It was also where I ran into George Stephanopoulos, and I mean ran into him. He was coming out of a Vietnamese restaurant and just as his feet hit the sidewalk, I bumped into him almost knocking him over. I noticed that he came up to about my chest in height. So I apologized and then we both moved on.

But now the media is back in full force looking for that Rocky like knockout by either Obama or Hillary. Of course none was delivered tonight because none could be delivered. This is a fight to the end. That is what makes it so exciting. This is what Ali versus Frazier must have been like in the early 70's except it taking 18 months to find out that it's going to come down to a decision and not a knockout.

But the media doesn't care. Why should it? Every 2 weeks there is a decisive primary election and every 2 weeks after that the media says that the next race will decide who the Democratic nominee will be. It's turning into a perpetual money making machine for them.

Oh if I had a chance to do it all again, I would have picked political analyst for a career. Every 4 years it's Christmas, New Years Eve and the 4th of July all wrapped up into big self-love fest, where people in love with the sound of their own voices talk about stuff over and over again that they know nothing about.

So I dragged my friend Curtis out tonight when we left the gym to take some pictures for me. Since after turning 40 night-vision was one of the things that I left behind. Come to think of it, some of the day vision was left behind too. Any way, Hillary's campaign headquarters was next door at the Bellevue Hotel and I figured I won't see this kind of excitement in Philly again for a long time.

The news trucks have already left the city.


  1. It's the election coverage - it's an exciting time. But I know getting around must be nothing more than crazy w/all that attention.

  2. Actually getting around was a snap compared to what it will be like this weekend with the Penn Relays going on.

    It was just fun to see all those national and other regional and local correspondents up close and personal and realize how old or ugly or how pretty they are in real life.

  3. u are so right and i thought i was the only one t think they made it sound like one of the stakes in the tripple crown, the preakness, the belmont and Penn.

  4. It looks like it was a media frenzy there.

  5. T - Comparing it to horse racing is definitely how it was played out in PA. In fact when I went to the Obama headquarters 3 blocks away from where I was at around 9pm, I found out that he had already bolted like a filly on to Indiana and the next race.

    Nite - Media frenzy is right. But just like with people, the city got it's 15 mins of fame and now media will treat it like yesterday's news. Which I guess is probably only right.


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