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Saturday, October 22, 2011

We'll see....

I actually think that this is one of those Arabian Night stories that Scheherazade told her husband but I can't find the actual tale so here is the Charlie Wilson version of it.

Muammar Gaddafi
Wait a minute! Young Muammar was just 27 when he became the head of state for the 3rd largest country in Africa with the largest oil reserves on the continent? Now I know my life has been a waste. But let's move onto what this piece is about…

I hate it when people jump to conclusions especially when all the evidence isn’t in yet. I hate it most when that jumping is done by me because it shows my own levels of fallibility and hidden bigotry, but this is one case where I’m not afraid to state my point of view and let the chips fall where they fall mainly because no one would even care what I say. Not even the FBI or Homeland Security, or whoever is responsible for reading this stuff and finding hidden clues and plots would take much notice of me. They’d just call me a stupid bastard, curse that people like me exist and move on to somebody much more interesting. So I’ll say it here, Gaddafi was murdered.

Yes I know most people will say, “So what?” and, “He deserved it,” and maybe a few other things, but that isn’t really my argument. After all that man did say that he was going to go down like a martyr and not be paraded about like a rat in a cage like Mubarak or strung like up like a dog as Saddam was. He was going to save that last bullet for himself and let Allah and Libya be praised. No, what troubles me is that from the video after the man is captured; he’s taken out back unarmed and fairly stable where he takes one to the temple and all his captors can say is, “whoops…not our fault.” Then they prop him up in a meat locker for all to come and gawk at and take pictures with like good ole boy whites in the South did whenever there was a lynch party for a nigger. And these people are now our friends… my friends?

Okay sure you can say the same thing happened to Mussolini in the ‘40s and things turned out alright for Italy and its relationship with the rest of the world but my fear is that Libya is less like Italy and more like Afghanistan but with oil. The stuff that made Gaddafi a corrupt despot to begin with. So take it from me 10 or 15 years from now… well I don’t know. I guess... we’ll see.


  1. You are very correct in your prediction; the situation in Libya could very well go from bad to worse. Unfortunately, most of the recently "liberated" Arab states have no background in western-style concept of democracy. How can they succeed when there is no history, infrastructure or tradition?

  2. Roger - Actually I'm not even sure I would even look for a western style democracy to exist in Libya. The New Jersey of North Africa doesn't really seem like a viable possibility to me.

    My biggest fear is that when the local factions and rivalries start jockeying for positions and turning against each other, who else will they fight against in order to justify themselves for being who and where they are?

  3. To every action, there is a reaction.
    Unless you are afraid of death then it just comes down to excepting the consequences...nationally, or personally.

    However, one must give the side-eye to the ones that are ok with dying...that speaks of someone that has more than what we have to understand that death is inevitable, and be ok with it.

    I want to go out like a warrior, a bloody hot mess. To die in my sleep would be in vain. I live with a purpose [one only I appearntly know of], so i want to go out with a purpose...not just because my body gave up the fight that my mind/heart was still battling.

    Why and how come...are questions that can never be ansered. We will always be at war with people that do not see as we see...but if you stay true to yourself...death is just a continuation of life...

    Live on. Limited Means, Muammar, Blah...

  4. Methinks there are certain karmic reactions/rewards & karmic justices which become the ultimate cosmic payback to all our deeds here on earth, whether they be good, bad, indifferent or straight-up evil. All one has to do is to study history, from ancient to present day current events to see this theory realized.

    One Love.

  5. Bloopty - Death is probably the last thing that I would be worried about. It happens to everyone and I'm pretty sure the late colonel thought the same as well although more when it was related to someone other than himself. I'm just concerned that the $1.50 in taxes, or however much it works out to, that I paid may or may not have been money well spent.

    I have a fear that those people whom we have backed may not have been those people that we should have supported. I have a fear that those people may believe that they are right because they have power and hold a gun. I have a fear that those people are not the ones that I want to be associated with, and I just don't want to wake one day and find that fear to be true, just like we did on 9/11.

    One - I agree with you. I remember the man was a bastard and needed to be treated as such. But I also remember that we told him to stop acting up and he would be (maybe not welcomed) allowed back into the family of nations where we could talk and do business; and for a few years he did stop. The idea of nuclear armaments and foreign intervention was put aside by him and we started to trade and do business. Then one day we started to bomb his land and his troops and arm the very people who would murder him later in the streets.

    In part, because of our association, we are responsible for his death and If we couldn't be trusted then, how now will we be able to talk to N. Korea or Iraq or any other country that we have a beef with and expect them to believe that we are negotiating in good faith. And when some group looks back on this moment and refers to us as the Great Satan again and we see predator drones flying over Hoboken NJ heading for God knows where, what will we say then? Karma?

  6. Good points, man. I don't entirely disagree.

    The U.S. of A is & will always be a target for some terrorist w/ a long memory or a cultural grudge, radicals & reactionary groups or individuals willing to wreck havoc due to our self-appointed position as 'world police.' I don't agree with it. It reeks of territorial arrogance & some supposed moral superiority, & yet that perception exists, mostly because this Country & our leaders foster it. The result of it? Karma? Perhaps.

    But, at least in this case, the U.S. wears its guilt (not even sure if that's the RIGHT word), by association. His people, those he's mistreated, abused, & made suffer for years, along with his myriad of heinous acts were all a part his own undoing. The rebels did the killing. We simply nodded our collective head & allowed the situation to intensify.

    However, the reality is this: One can't go around (with much hubris & malice) bombing passenger airlines, killing innocent travelers (not miltary personel!) & getting away with it for decades without some form of Karmic payment or Divine Justice in the mix.

    People don't forget. Families still grieve, as the world still watches & bides its time. That appears to be exactly what's happened here.

    And it seems no one (worldwide)is spending much time or shedding many tears wailing about the *injustice* of it.

    Smell me?

    One Love.

  7. One - You are right, no one has shed any tears for the death of a dictator. But like even Sen. McCain and a few others around the world have said, this wasn't the way that we expected it to end, this isn't the way that "we" behave.


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