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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Philly Outfest 2011

I had always heard that once you got a bunch of gays or lesbians in large group there will always be some sort of trouble breaking out, but I had never seen it. I thought that was just one of those urban myths that hear about like the existence of Big Foot, or alligators living on the sewers of New York City, or Herman Cain having a chance in hell of becoming President.

You can imagine my surprise when at the Philly Outfest this year not only did I witness gang loads of police rushing into places that I was unable to follow them into, but I saw fights break out between girls on a day that was supposed to celebrating peace and love for all.

The whole purpose of National Coming Out Day is more than an excuse to shake your money maker in public and show those who are lesbian gay bi-sexual trans-gender people, but that the LGBT community is one that consists of people that you know, that you do business with, that are members of your own family. It's a recognition that they are us and that we are you.

October 11th was chosen for NCOD because that was the date of the second demonstration and march in Washington DC in 1986 for lesbian and gay rights which really is a misnomer because those rights are really no different form the rights that many non-gays and lesbians already have.

Anyway, in Philadelphia this day is celebrated as the Philly Outfest, a block party that is always held on the Sunday closest to the 11th in what is known as the Gayborhood. They say that it's the largest event of this kind in the world and that close to 40,000 people attended this year. But you know what people say and what things really are can be two different things.

Here now are some pictures from last Sunday's events.


  1. WOW I know you had a great time. I wish I was there. The Gay Pride in Charlotte was awesome although a few fights broke up.

  2. WTF? I visualize Flash Mobs. What in the world was the police expecting? It was just National Coming Out Day not the March on Selma. I'm sure the experience has taught you well. Thanks for the post.

  3. Piscean Fantasy - I don't know if I would describe it as a great time, but it was good enough.

    Chet - Well this is Philly that we're speaking about and that day the Columbus Day Parade was going on as well as the Occupy Philly version of what's going on in NYC. So the police had to show why the extra overtime that they were getting was worth the money.

    TGK- Apparently not.

  4. Wow...looks like you guys had a ball, sure wish I was there. It was some nice looking men there.

  5. Shar - Yes there was some nice looking men there but you do know that in all likelihood they were probably all gay unless they were at work and that was just where the job was? No matter, I'm just sorry that I didn't take enough pictures of the women that were there.

  6. Much like Gayte-keeper, Rodney King's famous if simple-minded quote most definitely sprang to mind while reading this piece. But having been a bartender, I would bet my last dollar that alcohol played a large part in the unruliness. That stuff can bring out a seriously darkside in SOME folks & ruin a perfectly cool gathering.

    Too bad. So sad.


  7. One - That may be true, but I think some Philly youth are just benignly evil and don't really know how to act in public. If they did know they wouldn't behave that way.


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