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Monday, June 28, 2010

No more ordinary than Me

He looked kind of ordinary although no more ordinary than me. He was introduced to me and he shook my hand and squeezed it hard.

I hate that. I hate the need for someone to show that they are manlier than you are because they have a little strength in their right hand. I mean what does that really mean that the only way that you can impress someone is by flexing your muscles. We might as well had both whipped our dicks to see who the real man was. I have some size that I’m not ashamed of, but I’ve also been with a few pageant queens who had penises the size of a policeman’s nightstick and knew just as well how to use it. What does it all prove? Nothing!

I looked him straight in the eye and squeezed his hand back giving as good as got if not better and hoped that he didn’t notice the split second delay in pressure. He probably didn’t because he had that air of disinterest about him. Or was it dislike feigned by disinterest? I would have told him not to worry; the Ex was standing next to him and not me. I was a threat to no one.

How similar we must be. But then again I like to think that there is a certain flavor about me and that if I’m going to be replaced by someone, it’s going to be someone with similar attributes to mine. He however was a weak imitation.

Introductions were over and the Ex said something about moving on, probably because he was thinking that I was developing my own story of which nothing good would be said. He and his new friend turned and walked. I turned and realized that even though there were no butterflies in my stomach there was no animosity either. In fact there was no feeling at all. Nothing.

I hate that too.


  1. hmm... I hate that kind of handshake too.

    But what is it that you hate about having no feeling at all about seeing your ex and his new bf? You couldn't help evaluating your replacement, so there must have been some feeling there, anyway.

    Be glad, though, it could have gone much worse.

  2. Eduardo - I guess I hated it because even though I don't really miss the Ex, I miss feeling a certain way.

    And yes you are right it could have been worse. It could have turned out the way that I had planned if I had ever run into the Ex which was to behave like Baby Jane Hudson just before she went totally crazy.

  3. You are correct about the handshake ...men are cultured to have a firm handshake too so u can't blame him totally.

  4. corve - It's true that men in a Western culture are trained to act in a certain way, but behaving like an oaf isn't it. There is a difference between a firm handshake and arm wrestling which he apparently didn't know.

  5. The handshake doesn't say much about a man, and I've never understood why some men tend to press hard or firmer than necessary.

    Trust and believe the ex's friend can't hold a candle to you. I'm pleased to hear that you felt absolutely nothing after meeting him.

  6. Chet - I think some men like to show themselves to other men as being more manly then the other person. I've always thought that if you have to prove it to someone, then you're really not.

    Also, I'm going to bring in a movie analogy here. If you've seen the end of "The Way We Were" I had the impression that I was playing the Ban the Bomb Barbra Streisand role and I didn't care for it.


  7. I HATE men that shake with such a firm grip...like get over yourselves already!

  8. TKG - I couldn't have said it any better, "like get over yourselves already!"


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