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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Folsom Street East 2010

So I was at the Folsom Street East street festival in New York this weekend where I took a whole bunch of pictures. I realized two things, one of which was that I think that I have grown out of my camera. Sure some of the pictures are okay but I think I could do better with a better camera that shoots and focuses faster and captures the images with more pixel information in them that I want to see and not just the ones that I'm left with.

The other thing that I realized was that I wondered when was or is the appropriate age to hang all of this fetish thing up. Apparently for some like my friend below, not too soon. I wonder if I'll ever be that way?

Maybe, I'll post more pictures later.


  1. Eduardo - W.O.W.? I'm not sure what that means, World of Witchcraft?

  2. I meant it as a long "WOW!" but that would do, maybe...

  3. I think as you get older you should find different ways of expressing your fetishes and doing it public until you die isn't a good idea...

  4. Gayte - My initial response would be to agree with you, but I also have to wonder why ageism would be any better than the other prejudice that so many of us face in whichever community it is that we live in.

    In fact I applaud the gentleman for having the balls to realize who he is and the guts to express it freely without harming others. I just hope that if that should ever happen to me, someone would have the heart to put me out of my misery because I would have obviously lost my mind.

  5. Alright for letting it all hang out. I don't think there is actually a time frame when one should stop showing flesh being that we are living longer and getting better with age. Now on the other hand if the body isn't right then it is time to cover it up immediately. Where are the pictures of you in your leather gear?

    Curious you take wonderful pictures all the time unlike myself I never capture good pictures with my digital, but do wonders with my cell phone camera. I know that photography is your hobby.

  6. Chet - Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and actually there is nothing more beautiful than seeing a person who is comfortable in their own skin. I just wish I could be that comfortable now.

    As for taking pictures, no matter what you use it's all about telling a story. I just feel that maybe I could tell a better one with better equipment.


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