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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lost and Found

Okay, so I’ve decided to not even look at the new iPad. I mean I haven’t really heard or seen how people’s lives have been changed by it, so I’ve decided not to get it. At least not until the price drops and I can get it without having to switch to AT&T in order to get service on the road. Plus with all the stuff that I carry now I’m starting to look like one of those homeless bag ladies that trudge along with all their worldly goods in tow and last thing I need is more stuff to lose.

Yesterday I was on the bus in Northeast Philly, the first time that I’ve ever been there, when a young woman picked up a cell phone from the seat in front of me and walked over to the driver. She had him open up the door as she called over to one of the men who had just left the bus. Apparently the phone didn’t belong to him and she turned and went back to her seat where she started to flip through the information stored on the phone. Why do women do that?

Now if that was me and I had the slightest bit of interest in even getting up, I would have given the phone to the driver where he would have turned it in to Lost and Found or pocketed the thing for himself. There would be no fuss and I would no longer be involved. But she on the other hand was trying to figure out how she was going to lay that trap and I say that because it happened to me once.

About 2 cell phones ago I left cell phone on the train and I didn’t realize it until the next day when I was at work. After trying to figure out where I could have left it and calling around to the different places that I could have left it I finally decided to call my phone and see what would happen. A woman answered and said that she had picked up the cell the previous night and that we could meet at lunchtime the next day where she could give it back to me. I wondered to myself why we couldn’t just meet after work and get it done with, but I let it go. Instead I just called up Verizon and had the shit cut off, no point having unexpected calls to Guam being listed on my next phone bill.

The next day I went to the train station at 8th and Market and approached her. I could tell that it wasn’t me that she was expecting. I guess I didn’t look like the picture I was using for a screen saver that month. No dreads here. But she squared her shoulders back, gave me the phone and started to give me the mini-bio of herself. She told me that she and a girlfriend had received comp tickets to spend a night in Atlantic City but the girlfriend had dropped out; would I be interested? The girl was on the hunt for a man.

Now it’s true that I have preferences and those have never stopped me before, but this time I had to take a stand. After all it may seem at times that I’m somebody’s piece, but only because I’ve allowed it. I’ve set too many targets and traps myself not to know when it’s being done to me. So I said that I would get back to her and excused myself as I praised God silently that the she didn’t accept the $20, or was it $10 that I had offered her?

Yesterday on the bus I made sure my wallet was in my pocket and I checked my bag to see if both of my cameras and my 2 week old HTC Droid cell phone with the 2 naked white men for a screen saver was there and I felt secure. I may already have too much stuff to lose.


  1. I lost my cell once and I called it and it was ironic that my bestfriend found it in his car.

  2. I agree there is no immediate need for an ipad unless of course you're one of them people that must have all the latest gadgets.
    I too will await the price to drop before I even considering purchasing one.

    That was very kind of the woman to try and return that cellular phone to the passenger that had exit the bus, but she should have just given it to the bus driver.

    I have found a cellular or two and I only went through the phone only to try and contact the owner being that I found the phone on the street near my house. I did make contact and was able to get the phone back to him in a timely manner.

    I've also lost a phone, but no one tried to return it, then again I did drop it somewhere in snow and chances are the damn thing wasn't workin after a few hours in the snow.

  3. Wait, I have so much to say, so many comments to write. First, glad you didn't get the Ipad thingy just yet.

    And did I read somewhere in there that I have a chance to marry you? Was that what I read? Am I getting all excited for nothing? Ok... I'm going to go back and read this part about trap setting. ;0)

  4. I have never lost my phone-I still have my phone number from high school. I think I should dump it though. As you said you will wait until the IiPad cost drops but by time it drops another new tech product will be on the market. With all these gadgets no wonder men have to carry a man purse now.

  5. ♫Hershey's Kiss♫ - Do you really count leaving something in your best friend's car as losing it? I'm not sure I would. To me it's like not being able to find your keys at home, it's somewhere close by just not where you would expect it to be.

    Chet - You see that's what the difference between you and I is, and I know that doesn't sound right. But I'll be damned if I have to hunt someone down and make arrangements and special codes and meeting places to give up something that isn't even mine to begin with. I figure let the "authorities" deal with it. That's why they get paid.

    KST - You know I love chicken, but that doesn't mean I wont go for some beef now and again. Just because one may have a preference doesn't mean that all other opportunities are automatically dismissed. Although I don't think one night in AC will bring on the need for marriage.

    corve - Yeah but the the thing with Apple is that even with a price drop, they will be able to bring newer and improved versions that will be able to stay ahead of the competition. That's why the iPod is still way ahead of all the other mp3s'.

  6. @Curious: That hurt. *sniffle* I'm going to be okay. Um, but what's up with the beef n' chicken refs? No fish?

  7. KST - See, you can never win. I was going to say fish instead of beef, but I thought that might be too obvious and un-pc.

  8. Im waiting for the new HTC to come out this summer before I upgrade my puny, little iPod Nano-sized phone.


  9. Lola - I wonder if you are getting a new phone because you need it or is it because we live in a throw away society where nothing is valued unless it is brand new and right off the shelf.


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