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Saturday, March 20, 2010

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."

Now I don't know what you're stance on publicly regulated health care is but did you see this video shot by the Columbus Dispatch? I did but I don't get it.

It came out on Tuesday I think and I missed it, but thanks to YouTube I've been ablt to catch up to everyone else. Although, I don't really think that it's unique. It's probably the same type of thing that's going on all over America. It is the same kind of action or reaction that you saw when congressmen and women had their town meetings in order to explain their position of health care reform. It is the same kind of angst that you saw and felt when people compared President Obama to Hitler or Josef Stalin or some sort of "Manchurian Candidate" last year.

Very few things shock me anymore, but to see a man throw dollar bills at another man suffering from Parkinson's Disease as if he was a cheap stripper on a pole where you could see the marks left by the heroin needle in her arm and the sordid and loose looking pussy lips that had seen tighter and better days, makes me kind of pause. Not that anyone has a right to treat strippers that way, but where do people like this protester in his awfully clean white shirt come from? Are they the same ones that sent millions of dollars to Haiti and other areas in need of relief or are they ones that burn crosses in the middle of the woods or the lawns of other people? Why is there such a dichotomy in being an American.


  1. That's pretty awful, I tried to think of something to say but that scene pretty much speaks for itself.

    One thing I'll say is, I've heard the phrase "crammed down our throat" uttered by old white men ad infinitum, which is ironic because they're supposedly against gay sex, as well as S&M.

  2. You know it's hard to understand why so many people are afraid of healthcare reform. My father is a 66 year old black man who remembers share cropping. There is something to be said for remembering overt racism. It gives a unique perspective. In the words of my dad... "if Obama gets this passed the white folks are scared shitless he'll get 4 more years.". When Daddad goes on one of his racism tangents I try to remind him it's 2010. I didn't bother this time. This time I think he's right.

  3. ingrid, I have to agree, and if you heard about Emanuel Cleaver getting spit on and called the n word today, that only confirms what I've been suspecting for a while now.

    But, it passed! Victory! It's not perfect, but a great start, and great news for Obama.

  4. The shyte had gotten out of hand and I was having flashbacks of the sixties. The Health Care bill recently passed, but not without a fight. It is scary the mindset of some of these people.

  5. Eduardo - Yes it is painful.

    Oday - The legislation is far from from perfect but even if someone is totally against it, I still don't get how people can be so venomous towards someone less fortunate than themselves.

    Ingrid - It's like the attack against the "welfare queens" of the 1980's where most people assumed that it was only black people who were being benefited. Truth is, as it was then, the people who will benefit the most from this law will be the white middle class.

    Chet - These people frighten me too. They are like the Klan but without sense enough to where hoods or realize that they too will become sick one day and these reforms will help them in the long run.

  6. Ignorance must truly be bliss..SMH

    dead @"and loose looking pussy lips that had seen tighter and better days"

  7. This story just made me want to slap that man. First he lied about what he did - till he realized there was video and now he's issued a "sincere" apology. Funny thing is - NO ONE here in this town buys it. And...alot of folks on HuffPost and other sites are calling this dude trailer trash etc.

    Nope. Dude lives in Victorian Village which is a wealthy LIBERAL, GLBT, right on the edge of campus - section of town. He's apologizing now because he's stated he fears for his safety. He has a right to his opinion, but in the YouTube age you can't lie.

  8. I'm just sadden by the entire affair.

  9. TOY COUTURE - That's just the way people were treating Parkinson Man, like some sort of cheap whore.

    KST - It only proves that it's the one's that you never expect who are the one's you should be most aware of.

    Curio - Hopefully this will be the end and not the beginning of something worse.


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