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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Health Care for All

I can’t believe it was just this past Wednesday that I was complaining to myself that for the almost 3 weeks that I had spent in Florida that the temperature had not gotten above 78F. Now that I’m back in Jersey, it’s cold and wet and a light snow on the ground and I’m starting to realize just how lucky I was. But this isn’t about me ever being satisfied, at least not about the weather but rather about the health care system in this country.

I was outside of the old City Hall in Tampa last week being thoroughly bored when I noticed one bum sitting on a bench examining the pictures of the pair and walk away all the while wondering to myself if this was that status swollen foot of another. Without trying to be obtrusive, I was able to sneak in 2quo that the Republicans really wanted to maintain. Did they really want doctors and medical visits for the rich and those of us lucky enough to have medical insurance provided by our jobs while the rest of the population deals with their issues the best way that they can? I don’t know, but somehow it just doesn’t seem right.


  1. I could just scream when I think about the state of affairs when it comes to Insurance and Americans.

    No person should be without access to comprehesive health care with or without the ability to pay or insurance or lack of,it would be the moral thing to do. UHP is the way to go.

  2. BTW: Did you say you were in Florida for the past three weeks? Damn, I don't remember you extended an invite.LOL! Hope that all is well.

  3. Gayte - No it isn't but no one seems to care until they are affected.

    Chet - I hear you. It's just amazes me that the US is the only industrialized nation in the world not to have universal health care and no one thinks that that's odd. Oh and since I hadn't seen my mother since last year, I thought I would stay with her from her birthday up until Thanksgiving. Nothing drastic going on.


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