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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thoughts About the 3rd Reich?

I don’t know when I first started going to the movies on New Year’s Day or when I finally realized that it had become a tradition, but it has. I will go to the movies with a friend, or with a lover. I will drag my sister out to something she has no interest with or I will go by myself because I can’t find anyone to go with me. Sad some will say, but actually I prefer to see a film by myself anyway. There is no need to worry about if the other person is enjoying it, to hold hands or listen to them munch on their popcorn or listen to them slurp from an almost empty soda cup while I try to hear that almost imperceptible point in a movie that will turn it from just a film into a life affirming experience. There is no need for me to hold back the urge to tell someone to just, “shut the fuck up, and try watching the screen like I’m doing.”

I remember one time although it wasn’t a January 1st picture, but the movie was really boring for both me and my partner. In order to stop him from fidgeting, I somehow started to masturbate him. There was no else in our row and very few people behind us and I saw him shoot on the floor and over the seat in front of us as I stroked him. At the time I thought it was truly disgusting and someone was going to have to clean that shit up and then I felt really low afterwards.

Anyway, so recently I’ve been seeing the coming attractions for Valkyrie with Tom Cruise opening on December 25th. It looks like a real snappy piece of work with nice production values and if it is as good as it looks, it may turn out to be not just new but something interesting. Although somehow a movie about a failed assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler where everybody dies by being shot or hung by piano wire except for Der Führer doesn’t really seem to bring the Christmas spirit out in me, nor would I think in anybody else.

I didn’t think there could have been anything more ridiculous than a marketing campaign for Adolf Hitler at Christmas until I saw yesterday Heath Campbell of New Jersey in the Lehigh Valley who was suing a store for not providing a birthday cake with his 3 year old son’s name in icing on it, Adolf-Hitler Campbell.

Back in the 80’s, Hunterdon County where Mr. Campbell the child’s father is from, was known as Klan country and there was talk of inbreeding so I’m not really that familiar with the area; I’ve just driven through it because there was no real reason for me to stop and or stay awhile.

Campbell says that he is from German descent, although I'm not sure what part of the Rhineland the name Campbell is from, I still sort of understand where he is coming from and I really believe he has a right to name himself and his children whatever he wants. But Campbell seems not only to be showing himself as a racist, but I think he is going out of his way to prove that he is a stupid ass racist not be capable of living in a civilized society especially if he thought that his son’s name wouldn’t have an adverse affect on not only his son but the people around him. This is one man who deserves a beating, not because his ideas and views maybe repugnant to some, but because he is just so damned stupid.

I wonder when young Adolf grows up, what company is going to hire him and put his name on their payroll?


  1. "I wonder when young Adolf grows up, what company is going to hire him and put his name on their payroll?"

    If the child is smarter than his parents (which doesn't seem likely to happen, but who knows) then he will drop the "Hitler" from his name and just be Adolf Campbell. I don't think that Adolf brings up as much hate as "Hitler" does.

    If they want his name on a cake, they can write in on the cake themselvs. Dammit.

    About that movie story..... Yeah that's nasty. Next time bring a towel/napkin/use a shirt. Nobody wants to sit in the love juice of your date. Gross!

    That reminds me of a story.. lol

  2. Hot jo story....will it happen again this year?

  3. RunningMom - I don't know. In fact I don't know anyone named adolf any more. I don't even think they name their children in Germany that anymore. I just think the whole idea of being associated with any part of that name is "verboten."

    As for the movie thing, there was no original intent on my part of getting into that, so there was no idea of carrying napkins or towels. It just happened and I didn't really expect to get that far when it started.

    Nite - I think that was about 7 or 8 years ago and has never happened again so I doubt that it will happen this year. Plus I'm much too old to end up in jail or on the local news or even the TV show Cops for something that can quite easily done else where.

  4. Yeah, unless there is an opening for the leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party, also known as the Nazi Party, little Adolf is going to have a hard time finding a decent paying job.

    Ok, I must have a little freak in me, cause I liked the movie story. Invite me this time.

  5. Whozhe - Does no one get it? I only did that as a cry of desperation. You all are supposed to feel sorry for me, not line up for sloppy seconds.

  6. lol @ supposed to be a cry of desperation, not line up for sloppy seconds

    HA HA HA HA HA - Buncha freaks read your blog.... lol.

    Special mommy hug for you, we still love you.

  7. Yeah, I agree with Whozhe, the story was hot. Sloppy seconds are okay with the right person.

  8. RunningMom - There is too much misery in the world to just settle, so why not have fun and explore. Freaks read my blog? No. I think we are all just people who trying to get as much out of life as possible without hurting anybody.

    Curio - LOL. I think you are trying to keep me young.


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