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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Champ

I have nothing to say.

Except maybe, if you haven't seen the HBO documentary Thrilla in Manilla then maybe you should and then you'll know why.

"Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier!" 

                                                  - Howard Cosell


  1. I began to worry about him shortly after he started mocking Ali's health in the press. Paraphrasing here: 'Look at HIM now! And ain't nothing wrong with me!'

    I think we can put certain things into The Universe, & they can come back to bite us in our unexpected ass.

    Still, he was a hella fighter & entertainer. His presence will be missed.

    RIP Smokin' Joe.

    One Love.

  2. Roger - Yes he was. I wonder if he ever did one of the Blackglama "What makes a legend most," ads?

    TGK - Yes indeed.

    One - I used to think the same way about him until I saw HBO documentary and then I realized that he had been living with a tremendous psychological hurt for almost 40 years. It didn't justify what he said or felt about Ali, but it made him more human in my eyes.

  3. He passed away just hours after Heavy D not that has anything to do with anything, but i found out about it at the same time seems the students were on Twitter when they should have been studying and following the curriculum and for some odd reasonor other they felt compelled to share the news with me. RIP Mr. Frazier

  4. Chet - We live in a different age from when we were in school or even from 5 years ago. Twitter and other social media networks rule the information highway. Now instead of waiting for The Today Show in the morning or CBS News with so and so at night, news is thrown at us almost instantly without time given to contemplate or digest the importance or lack of importance of the thing. And I guess that you're in the right place for all of that to happen.


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