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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The End of Summer

I've never been a lover of Autumn leaves. To me it just means more shit to sweep up and get rid of from your yard, and then watch and curse as the unswept leaves from the neighbor's yard are blown into yours.

Well the Fall hasn't come yet and Summer is still officially here so I don't have to worry about that stuff right now. But it feels like Summer has gone and I...miss it already.

What now?


  1. Yes I agree it is hard to witness summer depart and autumn arrive. I suppose it is the I know that my nights will grown longer than my days... gotta find that special someone to snuggle up with during the colder months.

  2. Find a place that has eternal summers!

  3. Roger - Yes, Summer seemed really much too short this year. I think 2 more months of it wouldn't have been too much to ask.

    Chet - Somehow I think your version of cuddling up with someone to keep warm on those cold nights is probably a lot more sexier than my version of reaching for the hot water bottle and kicking it out in the middle of the night is.

    Gayte - "Eternal Summers?," not for me. The change of the seasons is what keeps me aware of what time of year it is and what to wear or not wear. It lets me know what to expect as far as allergies go in the Spring and festivals to attend. It makes me look forward to walking through the fallen leaves on a windy day in Fall or feeling the snow flakes on my hair in the middle of Winter or the bead of sweat drip down the crack of my ass in the Summer. I love all of the seasons and I would miss all of that because all of that is me.


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