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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another Piece of my Childhood Gone

I think that I been able to go to the movies by myself since I was 8 or 9. There was that brief stint during my 20's when I wouldn't be seen dead without someone by my side, but now I'm back to where I was before. If no one will go to see something with me, I'll lose no sweat off of my nuts and just go by myself. Maybe I'm that way because of the movies that I used to see.....Bond, James Bond.

You see back when I was a kid, you had to be a millionaire's son, or damn close to one, to have a video machine, so I saw all my old movies in second run theatres. I would go to the local theatre or not tell my parents and catch a bus out of town to see a double billing of something or other. Some times I would be lucky enough to see some white girl shake her naked and well shaped pink nippled titties on the screen for all of 5 seconds in a movie that I would completely forget the name of after leaving.  Other times I'd be lucky to see a Thunderball and Dr. No special and see what real adventure was about.

It wasn't just seeing the decrepit old man running about on the screen that excited me, although I think that Sean Connery was in his mid-30's when he did those movies, it was the pace of the things, the jokes that I didn't understand, the veneer of being smarter than the other guy and the music, oh yes the music.

The film scores in a Bond movie are often simple but done in such away that punctuates and dramatizes every scene,  making the film and the audience climb into that other realm, the realm of movie magic.Much of that  music was written and orchestrated by John Barry. He suffered a heart attack and died this weekend.

As Sir George Martin said about his work,  "You could always identify John's scores. They were very dramatic. They leant themselves to the film in a way that enhanced everything. He was an extraordinary musician - very, very clever.

"Without John Barry there would be no James Bond theme, because the whole essence of that was the excitement, the drama, the orchestration."

Of course John Barry did the scores for many other movies, Born Free, Out of Africa, Indecent Proposal just to name 3 out of over 100, but it will the sounds that I heard in my childhood and the soundtrack of my dreams that I will remember him for.

If you have a minute, take a listen and you'll see what I mean.


  1. RunningMom - You know I've heard of a man who went out for a pack of cigarettes and nobody ever heard or saw him again for the next 5 years. Why does this remind me of him? You've been missed.

  2. Sorry to hear about John Barry passing away, seems I heard about his recent passing on Insider or Extra.

    Mister Man you would sneak to the show by yourself as a kid? A spanking was in order, but then again I would be due one too because I certainly found my way to the cinema with or without friends, I still go to the movies alone and I suppose I don't miss the company because of all the snacks that I purchase replaces company.

  3. Chet - I would like to say that things were different in those days. But looking back, I think they still had murders, rapes and theft going on, one only has to look at the Catholic church to see that.

    As far as company goes, I could probably really do without it. There's no chit chat going on where I have to explain something, or no nudging in the side when I fall asleep during the boring parts.


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