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Friday, October 22, 2010

The Rent is Too Damn High

As much as you may think that Jimmy McMillan is a joke, if you really listened to him at the New York gubernatorial debate, he made a lot of sense.

It's time for me to move to New York.


  1. I just read somehing in reference to this just yesterday.

    Some years ago I entertained the thought of moving to the Big Apple (childhood dream), but knew damn well I can't afford the rent and finding work would be out of the question.

    I agree the rent is to damn high in New York.

  2. Corve DaCosta - That's modern living for you.

    Chet - The rent is too damn high everywhere if the average month's rent is more than the average weeks pay.

  3. The rent is too damned high all over the country!!!


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