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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Manchurian Candidate

I wasn't going to comment on this story because I thought it was a dead issue. In fact I thought it was dead a long time ago even before the election was run, but apparently this horse won't die.

Hmmm, now that I think about it I really have nothing to say other I'm not sure who I'm scared of most, the people who have determined and set this heinous sleeper plan in motion over 40 years ago for a puppet to become President and take over the country, or the numb skulls at this meeting who actually believe it.

You know the real sad thing is, is that these fuckers vote. Sometimes I wonder if getting rid of that intelligence test at voter registration time was such a good idea.


  1. This story will just not die will it? SMH, at all of the wing-nuts who are still chasing this bit of nonsense.

  2. Now you know that this shyte does not set well with me so therefore; I will keep my nasty comment to myself. I agree with you the intelligence test should be given to every person that wants to vote.LMAO!

  3. These folks are nuts. Other than Native Americans, no one in the U.S. is really "from here" - when will that sink in? We were all immigrants at one point or another. Suck it up, BO is president, your team lost. No one likes a sore loser.

  4. It doesn't matter how far we come in this world, there wll always be stupid people in the world.

  5. KST - It's not that the idea that such a theory is really starting to take hold now that bothers me, but that there are people, grown adults, who are following it like it was a religion.

    Chet - No. How will will these people or anyone know how you feel unless you tell them how you feel and the way that you feel it.

    RunningMom - You may have hit the nail on the head. For a lot of people, if someone can't trace his roots to the Mayflower or look lilly white, he will always be considered an other, a foreigner, someone not to be trusted. It's nothing but pure racism and they are too stupid to realize or admit it.

    Cincinnati NAMjA - And it's for that reason that sometimes I can understand why there are dictatorships still. Stupid people are so easily lead into believing the most ridiculous things that it should be considered a crime against humanity or something.

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  7. @Curious: I agree with you. This thing is really catching fire now, and it's a little scary. Also, Glenn Beck was able to babble (with a straight-face) about Obama's deep-seeded hatred of white people. Wow. I bet his momma and grandma would have been shocked over that one. Scary, but a lot of people believe that too.

    @Chet: Curious is right - please don't keep nasty comments to yourself as I like to read them so I can giggle. ;)

  8. I am not sure that ther eis too much that surprises me....especially when it comes to human ignorance. Every day I see it...and every day I wonder what happened to the plan for us to migrate to Mars or some other planet...but knowing people like I know ppl...they'd fuck it up so we might as well deal with it here before we air our dirty laundry to the universe.

    I wonder if I should congregate my native brethern to see if we can corral everyone back to thier own lands...and go back to ruling by tribe, killing only what we can eat and cherishing mother earth...just sayin'...if we're talking about ppl going back to where they came from...

    pshaw you say...yea, me too...

  9. Milan - I will be sure to check out your site.

    KST - Yep, this thing is moving faster than a runaway slave with no end in sight. As for Glenn Beck, all he is really showing is how much he hates the status quo being turned upside down. The whole idea of a black man being superior to him and his kind; what is this world coming to?

    Blah Blah Blah - Well if you're not surprised by the ignorance being displayed now by blowhards disrupting meetings on health care, or people calling Harvard professors monkeys and not thinking themselves as racists, or others calling the President a foreign infiltrator and his mother names that would make a street walker blush, then wait until the next Presidential elections. I promise you, it will blow your socks off.

  10. When will the madness end? Suck it up, Barak Obama is the President. He hasn't taken anything from anybody. What gets me is that these people eat this stuff like its candy. Come one for real people

  11. @Curious - Have you seen the rantings of the L.A. Fitness shooter? Took a while (what with all the feel good post-racial babble), but the masks have dropped, Satan has been revealed, and the racist underbelly of our country is on full display.

  12. ♫Hershey's Kiss♫ - I guess what they are really doing is just showing how really scared they are of "change".

    KST - I haven't seen his rantings, but then I don't think that he would have said anything more than what I think a lot of other people are thinking.

  13. Change is good. I do believe that this change is leading us into something greater


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