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Monday, February 2, 2009

The Redemption of And the award goes to...

Have you ever noticed those people who once they are up on the stage receiving an award they seem to refuse to get off the stage and just start rambling on and on about stuff you're sure they don't even care about until the music comes on? Okay, with all the rambling that I’ve been doing in the last two posts I and II, it’s time to take this baby home, kill the Dark Lord and answer all the unresolved issues.

You will remember that in the last post I had about this, RunningMom from Blackshoes WhiteSocks was the one responsible for nominating me for this award and I had also listed the rules that I was to abide to, well here now is the list of, and I think, varied people that I would like to pass the award on to. I hope that I haven’t listed anyone that has received this award already, and I actually feel the same way about many other blogs and bloggers not listed here but the rules, time and space forbid me from adding them in. So:

1) Chacoyrami of Chacoyrami: This was the person who started me off with doing a blog. He told me how to go about registering and gave me the idea of what to start writing about. He has often criticized me for what I write about or the direction that the post has headed in since. He has sometimes has not liked the look of the blog itself telling me that it was too cluttered or worse boring. But I have listened to him, sometimes not agreeing with him but I've always been very appreciative of what he has had to say.

2) Mr. Jones of Surrealistically Speaking: I seem to remember his blog name was something else when I first started to read him, but his blog was the first one that made me not take my own sort of seriously. He has a unique wit that makes me wish that I was that way when I was his age. He will at times make me wince and shake my head with disbelief with the things that he says but he keeps me balanced and makes me challenge my own beliefs and sets of prejudices.

3) Whozhe of SGL Universe: His commentary on people being victimized for just living or trying to live keeps me real. He tells me that it’s not alright for me to have mine while others lose theirs’ because eventually I’ll lose mine as well. I don’t think that I could ever be as aware or as activist as he is, but he keeps me grounded and I hope thinking.

4) Ingrid of Through My Eyes: Again with the politics. She’s been absent recently but when she’s there she’s always looking out, speaking up for those who have been taken advantage of, for those who are the weakest amongst us, and all while trying to raise a little girl to respect and embrace all the good things that life has to offer. When you see that you see something really special.

5) Rod of Rod 2.0 Beta: You know how you always remember your first, well sometimes you do. His blog was my first blog to ever read. It was slick, and almost chic. Easy and informative. He kept pace with the current topics and brought up subjects before they even became current and clich├ęd.

And now to the 5 blogs that I’m supposed to be provide encouragement to. They may not be newest of bloggers, and they are probably the ones that are least in need of something from me, but they are the ones that I wish I was more familiar with and I would like to give a shout to:

I) Oyin of Oyin’s World: Or is it Kin’shar’s World? I don’t know it depends on what season it is. The name changes according to her moods, her likes, her wants and that’s what makes her so interesting and hard to pin down. There is nothing about her that is predictable and that ensures her a wide and varied audience. In fact sometimes reading the comments responding to her posts are the things that make the blog exciting. She has what I will never have, the pulse of her readers, the ability to know them, because she is one of them.

II) Omar of Life in the Key of O: Is a blog that I don’t ever think that I have commented on, he’s too clever for me. In fact this blogger is so talented, he makes me jealous. Apart from being young and attractive, he sings, writes songs, he models although I’m not sure if it’s just for his own pictures or someone else’s but more than that, he writes. He writes not just for himself but for the reader. He takes you on a journey that lets you into his head and his heart that sometimes makes you relive his thoughts, his emotions. He needs nothing from me, but here it is anyway.

III) BLKSeaGoat of Black Sapience…My 0.2 and Black, male And gay…in that order: He doesn’t write often, for his own reasons I’m sure. And I think mentioned earlier about being an activist; well this blogger takes it in another direction. Most people will look at others and tell us how they were done wrong by them. He looks at us, whoever us is, and he shows how we allow ourselves to be victimized even when we ourselves are doing the victimizing. He keeps you on your toes. Like Marvin Gaye he “makes me wanna holla.”

IV) Blah, Blah, Blah of Writing My Wrongs: Now I still haven’t figured her out yet which is why she fascinates me. One moment she’s flying around the world, moving from one city to another doing the Marlo Thomas “That Girl” thing or at least my impression of what the TV show must have been about, I’ve never seen it. Then the next moment she seems to carrying the ills of the world like Atlas on his shoulders. This makes what she writes so poignant and interesting. But she has disappeared now and I don't know if she'll come back, but if she does, I'll still be here for her.

V) The CPA Doc of Destiny’s Mogul: This young blogger, I really am sure is new to the blog world. He writes about everything and is like most people his age he is 100% sure of what he writes. He is really refreshing and new and everything is black or white with very little grey in between. But I look at his posts and I think he seems to be looking to find his own voice. And when he does, he will be a force to be reckoned with.

I am not even sure that all or even most of these recipients read my blog on a regular basis. Actually, I know one two don’t read it at all and never will, but to those that do please visit the Helping Hand blog of Sojourner's Place where you will become more familiar with the reasons why you were nominated and what you can do to honor or “pay it forward” to those that you think you can help.


  1. Heyyyyyyyyyyyy....I will take that as a compliment...hahahaha. I only changed my name once...and it was because the name suites me better... Oyin means honey and thats what I am, someone who's so so sweet. Kinshar was a name that was from 2 different names put together. Him and I were no longer together so why keep the name. Anyways.......still love you....haha

  2. congrats to u and all the recipients - well deserved

  3. Congratulations on receiving the Emblem of the Helping Hand. In creating the Emblem, I wanted to find a very special way of saying much obliged to those continuing to inspire me to "write just one more post" and to say to others "you can do it - keep on doing what you do". I envisioned that recipients would be those who exemplify all that the Emblem stands for. To date, I have yet to be disappointed.

    Keep on doing what you do, and I look forward to more from you and the recipients to whom you passed the Emblem along to.

    Sojourner's Placecreator of the The Emblem of the Helping Hand

  4. Darius - I'm not sure and I maybe wrong, but I think that there are blog circles where the same people read the same thing in the same group. In the group that I've found myself in, there are a lot of great ones, including yourself.

    Oyin - And now the mystery is solved. I always wanted to know but I knew it was none of my business so I never asked.

    Torrance - Coming from a previous award recipient that means a lot. Thanks from me and the others.

    SjP - Thanks, will do.

  5. Quite a tribute. Very nice may you continue to be the recipient of such awards.

  6. One Man - Thank you, but I've noticed that you were nominated by RunningMom too. What's up with your response? Don't leave me hanging out there by myself.

    Chet - Please don't curse me that way. This stuff is really too much effort when you have to reply or even when you decide to ignore it.

  7. Hey no probs...anything about me you can ask...hey wait..that will be another posting, wait for that then ask..haha

  8. Yay! And thanks for reminding OneMan... he probably didn't even realize he was nominated.. :)

    Off to read some of your picks!


  9. Ah man...*blushing*...thanks for immortalizing me in blogland.
    Hell, I don't get me.
    I may be the bi-polar blogger.
    The crazy auntie you love to be around, with the great stories and fun times...but who every once in a while has a dark moment and leaves only to come back renewed.

    I enjoy reading you!

    *url has changed, new one is www.blipblopbloop.blogspot.com

  10. Oyin - Will do.

    RunningMom - You know One Man is probably avoiding it, just like I did. It's just too much work to put a list together.

    BBB - "The crazy auntie...who every once in a while has a dark moment and leaves only to come back renewed," You see that's why I love your work. If you aren't a character out of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolfe or even Lord of the Rings, then I don't know who is.

    Oh and next time you move, leave a brother a forwarding address. I was about ready to call the cops and start knocking on doors.


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