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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Random Thoughts

Nothing is going on and I am not sure what I am going to for the next few days. I suppose I shall do the usual, which means just going through the motions. Doing what I have to do and not because I want to do it. But I’m sure I have options.

It’s Halloween and there is the old silent German vampire movie, Nosferatu, which they are going to play at the Unitarian church in Philly for a charity event accompanied by live organ music as it must have been done when the movie first came out. That might be nice. But I’ve seen it before and after seeing Freddie Kruger and other countless slasher movies, I’m not sure that overacting and bad lighting will do it for me this weekend. Plus I’m not sure that I could get anyone to go with me for that one, although that’s never stopped me before. And also, I can see it for free down below.

There are of course a large number of different parties going on, both privately and publically. Maybe I’ll do one of those. However since no one has invited me out a party, I invariably never show up even when I am invited, I may head to a bar or club. That means that I will end up regretting it on Saturday thinking that I spent way too much money on some rat hole for very little entertainment and watered down drinks. Well I guess that means Bill Maher on HBO, oh how I hate that show, or New York City for the parade.

I haven’t done the New York's Village Halloween Parade since the 80’s. I wonder if it’s changed much. I can try out the camera I got last month and see how it works at night. For that, I know I will have to be by myself. I can’t run as much as I have to or circle round as many times as I can when there are people with me. This is becoming a diary entry; the one thing that I said I would never do. Oh hell, there are so many “nevers” in my life that I wonder why I bother saying it.

I heard today that John McCain was in Defiance Ohio trying to rally the troops. He was probably giving the “Never give up, never surrender” speech where he calls his opposition everything short of Osama Bin-Laden Incarnate and gives no real or meaningful alternative answer to the majority of the country. Defiance OH; you have to hand it to his campaign, they may be going down in flames but they seem to bring a certain flare to it.

Defiance OH, that reminds me of when Obama and Hillary went to Unity NH just before the DNC Convention. Who thinks of these things? That’s the job I want. “Now Sen. McCain, if you can do a stimulating and exciting stump speech in Slim Chance NJ, I’m sure we will be able to rouse all the supporters, all 3 of them and not look like complete idiots on Election Day.”

Speaking of which, my friend Patrick told me that he would be at the Obama election head quarters in Philly on Tuesday to await the results. I asked why he didn’t think staying at home and watching George Stephanopoulos like the rest of the nation wasn’t good enough for him. Now that I think about it, I think I have found something on Tuesday to do now as well.


  1. I'm in Chicago...the ONLY safe place to be is in the house on Tuesday!

  2. Darius - After seeing what was done in Philly by the fans of the Phillies celebrating, I can imagine what it will be like in Chicago whichever way the election comes out.

  3. lol @ Darius! I say stay home, either alone or with friends! But, you only live once and being at Obama headquarters for your area would be something to witness and share forever.

  4. Man even if alone go out and have a greast time and

    BOO lol

  5. Now, I've got to tell you, Nosferatu is my favorite vampire movie. If I were there you'd have a date.

    I think next Tuesday I'll spend most of the day in prayer, I may even fast, because this election is to important to take for granted. We'll need all of God's angels to prevent the Republican party from rigging this election.

  6. Runningmom - Like you said, you only live once and if this is the first time that a black man will voted in to lead the nation and by proxy the free world then this time will not come again and I need to be somewhere other in front of my own TV to witness it.

    Torrance - Well said.

    Whozhe - Oh no. Don't tell me you're not a Bela Lugosi fan. Now that's a classic vampire movie.

    I hear you on next Tuesday but somehow I can't think of God as either Democrat or Republican so I'm not sure that he would be concerened about who wins.


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