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Monday, June 9, 2008

It's too darn Hot!

Forgive me if you've heard this before or have lived it yourself. Back in the day, rich folk would leave New York City or where ever they lived and head for Europe because it was much cooler there in the summer. The rest of us would slave away in the sun picking cotton or dropping dead somewhere in the mills or a factory because of accident or heat exhaustion. How times have changed.

Today, I'm walking the 3 blocks from the train station to where I work and I start popping this vicious sweat thing which make me wish that I had carried a change of clothing, or at least a shirt, so that I could at least start the day out right. At lunch time, I'm heading back from getting something to eat and I am so wet I start to feel the sweat drip down between my legs and I start to think, if this keeps up I may have to head for the feminine hygiene aisle at the pharmacy for some help and protection, maybe eve the one with wings. When I get back home, I am so completely exhausted the only thing I can think about is stripping naked and collapsing on the bed.

In the city it was over 98 degrees today and with a heat index from the sun rays bouncing off the sidewalk that took it somewhere close to whatever it is in the Mojave Desert. Although with the dirt and pollution and the crazy bastards lining the streets begging for money or airing their unwashed privates for all to see and smell, I would have preferred to have been in the desert.

True, I don't really have it bad compared to other people. I'm not watching the house float away from floods in Wisconsin, or climbing up from under rubble in China, but this is too much.

I had wanted to write about something else today but I forgot what it was. I'm a black man who doesn't like heat, so sue me. The only thing I can think about is this damn heat, global warming, hurtling towards the sun and another thing that I can hate George Bush about.


  1. Sounds like good old fashion Texas heat moved to New York. I hate the heat too, I only wish I had money to spend my summers in Toronto are some place else up North.

  2. Darius - How anyone can say that they don't believe in global warming, I don't know. Each year, Spring seems to get hotter and hotter. But maybe I 'm just not used to seeing 90 until August when I have become acclamated to the heat by then.

    Whozhe - Ahh, one of the disadvantages of living in the 21st century. To be chained to a job that will provide just so much that you can stay alive and pay your bills but not enough that you can live the life you need. Come the revolution, you and I will both travel when we want and live how we want.

  3. no problem
    heat will make u forget
    forgiven this time

  4. I hope it cools off some. Was planning a trip east this summer...sigh...I don't like the heat that much anymore either.

  5. T - I wonder if you were that forgiving when you students didn't do their homework.

    D - It's probably just that initial spring shock before summer that gets to people here. If we have same type of weather that we had last year when it dropped to the 70's in August then we'll all be saying globsl warmming is just a myth and just go about our business.

    Although the Eastcoast during the summer? Be prepared for the humidity, that's something you don't see where you are.

  6. I wouldn't mind sweating up a storm next to that man! he looks cool enough for me himself and someone else!

  7. Fuzzy - If you ever find who he is, let me know.


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