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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky...

All I wanted to do was 2 things, put up the picture of Jared Lee Loughner's mugshot, the guy from the Arizona shootings, and say that if anyone had seen this guy walking down the street at night looking the way that he looked here, they would have been justified in shooting him on sight. No court in the land would convict the shooter because if this doesn't look like crazy and dangerous, then I don't know what does.

The other thing was ask why do famous killers in the U.S. all go by 3 names like Mark David Chapman, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Wayne Gacy, or John Wilkes Booth? I don't get that. In fact I believe that if someone should come up to you and say, "Hey, I'm John Jay Smith," that should give you the right to swing a bat or a two-by-four right across the left temple and save yourself and society.

Instead what I'm going to do is steal an idea from a blog written by Tom Freeland, a lawyer in Mississippi and say yes, Loughner does look like Uncle Festor, but without the charm.

I wonder if Lawyer Freeman in Mississippi can sue someone in New Jersey for stealing his stuff.

I wonder if this post too soon.


  1. Excuse my french it is a bit rusty, but that Muthafucka is crazy and they let him run free. Shyte anybody could look in those eyes and decipher that his arse in loco.

    To think that he was stopped by police earlier for speedy, but was let off with a warning. The cop that let him go should be brought up on some type of charge.

  2. Chet - You know if it wasn't for the overt racism and discrimination of the old days, I would want those days back when the police could beat somebody about just because they looked like they were about ready to do something.

    But on a lighter note and just to add more French; this world is truly fucked up when someone can be deemed too crazy to go to school but not crazy enough to be refused a gun license.

  3. I can appreciate your take on this tragedy b/c it's provocative, yet kinda funny.

    re the three name thing: Since most of us tend to have 3 (or more) names on our birth certificates, it's obviously a media-based tradition to assign the 3-name-rule to those who commit the worst, most atrocious of crimes, like assassinations, serial killing, etc.

    Crazy is an over-used word in our society, but *deranged as a shithouse rat* would most definitely fit in this situation.


  4. Moanerplicity - I see your point on the three name thing just being done as a setup by the media, although I think the crime committed in and of itself should be enough to shock someone.

    *deranged as a shithouse rat*...hmm, it has a certain ring to it.

  5. He would even be a scary site at Hell's gate.

  6. WhozHe - Maybe when this is all over and done with, him being at Hell's Gate won't be such a bad thing. At least when I arrive I'll have an idea of what it's going be about.

  7. It's been a while and I agree whole heartedly! He does look like he can empower a lightbulb with his mouth. This is just a quick hi!

  8. Ingrid - If he's not a case of the lights are on but nobody's home, then nothing is. Good to see you still around.


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