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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Philly's Finest Free at Last

So former Philadelphia Police lieutenant Jonathan Josey is found not guilty of simple assault in striking an unarmed woman to the ground during the Puerto Rican Day Parade last year. Apparently, the incident being captured on video and shown to the world was enough to convince the judge that Josey was innocent and has now left the the ex-cop the right to petition for his job back.
Other than steal money from City Hall or shoot his or her superiors, what does a Philly cop have to do to get convicted in Philadelphia?

On a lighter note that was a snazzy suit Josey was wearing out of the courtroom, definitely not something he got off the rack at Macy's. I need to find out who his tailor is and see if I can afford him without taking out a second mortgage.


  1. Well, this is nothing new. Cops are rarely ever prosecuted and even when they are, rarely convicted of anything. This sort of thing happens all around the country.

    1. Val I wish I could disagree with you, but I know that I can't. I guess that I'm still surprised in this day and age that a judge who has been presented with visual concrete evidence that has been seen around the world, can still ignore it and rule the way that he's "supposed" to rule. It just makes me shake my head.

  2. Really?!?

    Perhaps if he had led with the left and then went to the right he would have been convicted?!? As it stands, she didn't lose any teeth, so she's good. I'm not sure why her husband never taught her to stand up to a punch like that.

    Seriously though, can you imagine seeing your wife or sister on television getting hit like that and then seeing the jackass cop get off?!? I guess Justice was taking a lunch break when they were having that trial.

  3. Here, in New York, the only time a cop gets any jail time (& they rarely ever) is if that cop happens to be Black & Latino. I've seen that happen more than once or twice. So, considering the closeness in locale, & the color of the cop's skin, I'm puzzled as to why the same treatment isn't generally a Philly occurrence as well.

    And re the suit: I'm guessing, since you are a working man and not a necessarily a WEALTHY one, that suit would be tantamount to an "investment purchase."

    In other words: waaaay outta your league AND MINE!



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